ThetaHealing and Spring Forest Qigong are both world-reknown, accelerated physical and emotional healing techniques for holistic healers and  individuals concerned about their physical, spiritual, emotional well-being. Workshops and classes are available throughout Iowa and surrounding states.


  • Basic ThetaHealing - You will be given a consistent way connect to the Creator of All That Is, how to co-create with the Creator and how to project consciousness (remote viewing), DNA Activation, intuitive body scan, giving a future reading, contacting guardian angels, co-creating a healing, and changing belief systems through the power of the Creator.
  • Advanced ThetaHealing - In this class you learn how to heal from the Seventh Plane of Existence. You will learn more details about all of the Planes, to eliminate oaths, vows and commitments made on other Planes that no longer serve you and learn how to heal broken souls. You clear space in your mind that is wasted by holding onto random negative thoughts such as anger, revenge, resentment, regret, grudges, aggression, jealousy, envy and bitterness.
  • Dig Deeper - Downloading feelings is helpful but digging for beliefs still has to be done in order to achieve a desired result. There are eight (8) different digging approaches used to identify the bottom belief, depending upon the type of issue.
  • Manifesting and Abundance - In ThetaHealing, the concept of manifesting is the belief that it is possible to create something into the physical using the power of the Creator of All That Is. Just talking about things will sometimes manifest things in your life, and the chances of this happening are about 30-40%. Visualizing and story boards increase your chances to nearly 50%. Being in a theta state while manifesting will increases the chances of a manifestation to about 80-90%.
  • Rainbow Children - You will go on an adventure and learn how to connect to the Creator, then learn a wide range of ThetaHealing techniques such as how to do belief work and create positive feelings, empathic readings, healings of the body and the soul, communicate with angels and plants, heal with crystals, connect to your power animal, drumming and totems plus develop telekinesis and know how to change auras and heal animals.

An Experience in Extraordinary Energy-Healing Modalities

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  • Introduction to Qigong and ThetaHealing
  • Certified Qigong Practice Sessions
  • Discovering Your Soul Mate
  • Manifesting Love & Abundance
  • How to Love and Be Loved
  • Secrets to Detox Your Emotions
  • Secrets to Detox Your Body
  • Manifesting Goals Through Meditation
  • Spring Cleaning Your Energy
  • Amazing Power of Mind and Visualization
  • Relieving and Healing Pain
  • Clearing Blocks to Your Ideal Weight
  • Communicating with Plants
  • Communicating with Animals