Spring Forest Qigong

After being introduced to the Spring Forest Qigong (SFQ) practitioner,

you can relay an area of focus on your body that you feel needs attention

(i.e., physical ache/pain).  If you do not have a specific area, just be open

to the experience. You will be given a glass of Yin/Yang water and seated

comfortably, resting your hands on your lap. You will be asked to take

three (3) deep breaths and go to your “happy place”- a place or memory

that brings you positive feelings of joy and happiness.  

During your session a SFQ practitioner moves his or her hand several inches from your body to detect and help remove energy blockages. This is a "no-physical touch" session. S/he will charge your Yin/Yang water with healing energy. You may experience different sensations during the session such as tingling or itching in your body, heat/cold, or see colors or visions.  Or you may experience no sensations at all.  The energy moves to where it needs to help with the healing process.  Some people may experience a decrease in symptoms immediately after the session or note feelings of relaxation, and for others, it may happen later on as the energy continues to move and balance - even after the session is complete.

When the session is completed, you will be asked to take three (3) deep breaths again and rub your hands together. Then massage your face and ears to help you come out of the meditation and ground your energy. You may drink all your yin/yang water or add some to your water bottle to save for later. The focus of Spring Forest Qigong is on healing your physical, emotional and spiritual realms.  YOU are the number one healer for yourself.  A Healer does not heal, but acts as a conduit to assist you in your healing journey. To further benefit your progress you may be given empowering information along with healing exercises to build and maintain your energy specific to your healing needs.

To learn more about Spring Forest Qigong, visit their website at:  www/springforestqigong.com.

An Experience in Extraordinary Energy-Healing Modalities

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