Soccer ball- shaped Buckminsterfullerine molecule found in Shungite

The Shungite we use is from the Zazjpginsky Shungite deposits in the western Republic of Karelia, in Russia near the eastern border of Finland. This valuable mineral is the only true Shungite source in the world.

BShield Protective Decals are ordered through eBay and Etsy at $8/package with free shipping. Each package contains two (2) decals. These decals help to both shield and protect you from EMF, microwave and Wi-Fi radiation. Each is hand-crafted with an appropriate amount of Shungite and Selenite minerals and an added touch of Silver powder.

  • Shungite  protects from radiation as well assists in healing and detoxification
  • Selenite provides mental clarity, honesty, truth and intuition in your daily life
  • Silver powder amplifies Shungite and other elements

Our BShield Protective Decals   are used on cell phones, cordless phones, laptops, iPads, tablets, wireless printers, smart meters and other wireless devices.

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with Shungite, Selenite & Silver  Minerals

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"SHUNGITE... Is this mineral, which looks like coal, possibly the 'medicine of the 21st Century,' as Russians and others have been studying it for decades contend?" 
- NL Hopkins

Shungite, a 2-billion year old mineral, is constructed with a very large, hollow geodesic dome called Buckminsterfullerine. The name is a reference to Buckminster Fuller as it resembles his trademark geodesic domes. These unique and very large fullerine molecules vibrate and emit an energy field that produces balance at the etheric level. This mineral transforms left torsion fields into biocompatible, right torsion influenced energy fields.

BShield EMF Protective Decals

An Experience in Extraordinary Energy-Healing Modalities